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damn december 2008 [Dec. 12th, 2008|04:21 pm]
on December 5th, I was robbed  from the car. All my documents, salary of 1000USD and anything else was gone.
 I'm basically left now with 100 USD and no documents and a chat, a soul surviival job. hehe. I'm alive and healthy, but I'm going to have a gun soon, just in case. It's a pity, that I did not shoot one of them, as everybody told me.
It seems I made a decision regarding staying here. I have nothing to loose anymore, so I will be out of here in sometime.

Also I found a new job this Wednesday.  As my favorite job,  I was working for 2 years  will end at the end of December. Financial crisis.
 I will save money  for some time and I'm done here.
So, it is a very nice New Year. Happy Christmas to me.