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на сердце грусть, на душе тоскаааа.... - bruhaverde [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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на сердце грусть, на душе тоскаааа.... [Oct. 9th, 2008|10:19 pm]
I'm heart broken.... just in case. I fell in to that Russian Canadian, who supposed to be just a benefits......And just in the moment, that I told him, that I like him.....
Ups, I met somebody ....before I met you, and it's serious. I'm fucked up always to be second one, to be a substitute for someone else!!
And he told that he  can not have sex with me, because it's serious... the only decent man I have met  till then...

I drove the whole night in San Jose, trying to get drunk and get laid by someone.... I did not find anyone.. God thank you at least for that!  I was not allowed to enter into the whore house, because I'm a woman!!!! and in 7AM in the morning after driving around the whole damn city,  I was trying to buy an alcohol,  but they told me that the LAW doesn't allow to sell the alcohol till 8AM!!!!!!!!
So, I got 2 coffees and the 4th pack  of sigarettes  per night and went to meet a sunrise in Escazu.

The second day, I went and got drunk and dancing in casino Fiesta with my roommate. And this is the first time I got drunk till almost I was dead.... I even was trying to seduce one couple for a threesome..I remember that I liked them both and sent him a message... And I also was having fun riding that horse, as they had a country night on Wednesday.

today is the third day, I'm crying still.

that's all.

gonna find a toy -boy soon...